Seasonal Plants & Summer bedding

Summer bedding plants are great for adding colour to your borders, hanging baskets and containers/pots and will last all summer long!

Summer Bedding Plants

Here at Plants Outside, we have an extensive range of summer bedding plants. Over 200 different varieties - trailing and upright!

Such as :

Fuschias, Geraniums, Bizzy Lizzy's, Marigolds, Antirrhinum, Petunias, Dianthus, Alyssum, Gazania, Salvia, Nemesia, Nicotiana, Lobelia, Nepeta, Helichrysum,  Argyranthemum, Diascia, Verbena, Osteospermum, Calibrachoa and lots more! 

Hanging Baskets

Here at Plants Outside, we make a huge range of hanging baskets in many different colour schemes and styles. We make them up ready to take away and also take orders for them to be made up. 

We also do a free potting service in which you can bring in your empty baskets or containers and we will plant them up for you with no charge. We only charge for the plants used and a little for compost!